YES, Cowls!

As would be expected, my needles have been busy with summer cowls as well. Kindreds. Liz was working on the Fillory Cowl pattern when I was up in Alaska visiting this February March, so I optimistically started one for summer in Wild Ginger and Orchid.
The Gemini in me then immediately coveted an opposite. In preparation for a trip to Georgia, and to sate my neon craving, I looked again to Liz for inspiration, and decided to knit a Clapotis in eye-scorching coral. The yarn is Dream in Color Everlasting Sock in Tang.
I find it surprisingly difficult to find neons in non-acrylic yarn, but this skein of Tang fit the bill. I knit fewer than the recommended number of repeats, blocked fairly heavily, crocheted the two shorter ends together, and ended up with exactly what I wanted: a geometric openwork neon cowl. How's that for specific?

Another great neon that I recently picked up was Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool in Citrine.
What's your favorite neon? 
Edited to add Cao.

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  1. Who is your dog and where does he come from?!! I ask because by very own pooch looks stunningly like Cao and is such a mystery to me. He hails from the land of Guatemala and is as unique as they come but I know nothing of his breed heritage and am always so curious. I was flattened when I saw this dog in this pic because he looks like Teo's twin. I'd love to hear about him.